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Emanuele Broli

He trained by attending photography courses and workshop, one of which was taught by Alessandro Rizzi, professor of Coulour Research at Milan Polytechnic. He followed the workshop by Giorgia Fiorio, by Sergio Ramazzotti, by Gigi Giannuzzi, by Bruno Cashel and by Fotografi Senza Frontiere. He photographed the last three editions of the Paralympics and shown his work in various group and solo exhibitions, including "Spirit in Motion" in Brescia. He exposed in the Colorno and in the Rovereto Photo Festival. He won A Better World award for his work on the Paralympics in Turin. In 2010 he published the book "Face the Fight - Cronache dalle recenti paralimpiadi". He collaborets with the Tener_a_Mente festival by the D'Annunzio's mansion.

web: www.emanuelebroli.it
e-mail: emanuele.broli@yahoo.it

Marco Ciccolella

The passion for the photography led him to enroll in course of photography SCUOLADIFOTOGRAFIA of Carla Cinelli.
He attended the first session and then the course of creativity. This leads him to experience a fascinating world and experience various faces of photography and various modes of communication.
The work focused on the test print on different and unusual materials.
Continue the experience in the field of photography since 2009 and began a course of events and exhibitions in collaboration with other artist that allow him to continue to meet new people and ideas.
In 2011
he attended a photography course of contemporary art for approaches to different art forms.
He began working with the hair stylist Franco Curletto.
He join to the group "Polaroiders" to experiment Fuji and Impossible.
Experimentation is the leitmotif of his work

web: www.marcociccolella.com
e-mail: markonet@tin.it

Laura Predolini

Discovered her passion for photography during her travels in Asia. In 2006 during the Olimpic Games of Turin she had opportunity to broaden her photographic technique and she attended a photography course at Carla Cinelli’s school. In that period she started a collaboration with hair stylist Franco Curletto which brought her to the Milan fashion woman.
In the 2010 her began a project linked  to the Paralympic sports and she made a photographic book “Face the Fight”. She showed in several personal and collective exhibitions.

web: www.laurapredolini.it
e-mail: lpredolini@alice.it